Frequently Asked Questions

Since we do not rate individual difficulty levels for any of our themes, all of our themes are suitable for first time escapers. Take a peek at our Themes page and choose from the current theme selections, assemble your perfect group, and you're set!
Woohoo! Trapped offers free game play on your legal birthday ( + or - 3 days from your birthday). For instance, if you visit us on Saturday when your birthday lies on the Wednesday of the same week, you would still qualify for a free admission. Please remember to bring a government issued ID with your birth date stated for verification at the facility.
Trapped is in fact perfect for birthday parties and corporate events. Each of our locations may have different offers, promotions and event packages. Please contact the specific location that you are planning on visiting for more details. Please click here for the contact information of individual locations.
Absolutely we can! If you have a group with more than 10 participants feel free to reserve more than one theme with the closest time slots available. You will need to split up the large group into multiple teams to be trapped inside the multiple themes at once. We do strongly recommend you contacting the specific location for large group inquiries by clicking here for more details.
Your game will absolutely be private. Once you make a reservation, you're reserving the theme to your group only.
A level 2 theme (also considered as a BOSS level theme, with roughly a 2% success rate) is unlocked for participants who collect enough points on their Trapped Membership Cards. Please refer to the bottom of the Rates page for details regarding the benefits of our Membership Cards. Level 2 themes are 70 minutes long and are available at selective locations.
The recommended number of players stated beside each theme basically gives you an idea of the minimum players required, and the maximum number of players allowed for that specific theme. The number is determined by the theme room size, the puzzles in the theme and the nature of the game play.
Most of our current running themes are designed to be appropriate for all ages. Trapped can indeed be the perfect family weekend event! However, some of our themes are considered 14A. (any participant under the age of 14 needs to be accompanied by an adult). Any participant 12 or under will need to be accompanied by an adult regardless of which theme you’re trapped in.
At Trapped we do not rate individual difficulty levels for each of our themes, but we have an overall success rate of approximately 4.8%. Yes! We have done the math! Roughly 1 out of 20 groups solves the mystery and successfully escape from the themes here at Trapped. Are you ready for the challenge?
Since we do not have individual difficulty levels for our themes, you can still add an epic challenge to the overall 4.8% success rate at Trapped by trying one of our larger themes. This type of challenge can be achieved by making your group the least amount of players possible according to the recommended number of participants on our themes page. This would create a greater challenge to the already extremely low success rate.
Please call us during our operations hours to cancel or modify any existing reservation. You can refer to the Locations page for contact information including operation hours. We would appreciate you cancelling at least 48 hours prior to your reservation so that we can open up the time slot for other potential participants wanting to get trapped.