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4-8 Players - 60 MINUTES

The Great Sphinx of Giza is a mythical creature with the head of a human, a falcon, a cat, or a sheep, and the body of a lion, with the wings of an eagle. It is located right next to the Great Pyramids of Giza and is said to be under the pharaoh’s curse. There have been decades of debate among researchers about the possibility of tunnels and chambers underneath this beast’s paws. The rumors about this great statue became so wild, and debated that there is a hidden library, called the Hall of Records, which holds the answers to the Great Pyramids, the history of mankind, and the only exit. You and your friends are visiting the Sphinx as tourists, and one wrong turn turns into several wrong turns. You have found your way into a dark chamber below the Sphinx. Can you uncover the long-buried secrets of mankind and find the Hall of Records? Or will you become the next victims of the pharaoh’s curse?

Cused Expedition
Cursed Expedition (PG)
4-8 Players - 60 MINUTES

A world famous professor of archeology has been waylaid by locals on a dig in the jungles of Asia. The professor disturbed an ancient temple and brought a curse upon the land. Retrace the professor’s steps to complete the ritual, reverse the curse and escape the temple before time runs out.

Room 057
Room 057 (14A)

In the year 2036, you woke up on a gloomy morning, wondering why you just had that same dream again. In the dream, you were trapped in an abandoned hospital with a blurry visual of a door labeled room #057, on a remote island. You went through a series of mysterious clues before you were finally saved by a rescue team. However, the virus that you picked up from this place had wiped out your memory. Wait, was this a dream or was this part of an actual lost memory of yours 30 years ago? After going through a tremendous amount of psychological struggles, you've decided to recruit your team to follow that blurry memory of yours, to find the way back to the abandoned hospital again in order to dig out the facts behind your long lost memory...


A spectacular Carnival has arrived in town, and you've all come to see the main attraction: the Fortune Teller. However, upon entering you find yourselves transported into a world of treacherous delights, and mysterious creatures. You are trapped in the Carnival and your only chance of escape is to find the Fortune Teller and have your fate revealed! Will you escape in the time he has given you? Or will you be cursed to wander the Carnival forever?

Chaos Effect (14A)

Warning: this is an ultimate science fiction adventure that is no longer just about escaping a room. You and your teammates will need to find out your real purpose after entering the room. This new 70-minute theme is taking your escape game experience to a whole new level of interaction. Please check the theme booking page for location specific requirements to participate in this theme.

Jack the ripper
Jack the Ripper (14A)
4-8 players - 60 MINUTES

In 1888, 5 women known to work in the sex trade in the Whitechapel District of London were brutally murdered and mutilated. Their killer was never found. Throughout history, many theories have unfolded as to who the killer's identity could be. You have been sent back in time as a homicide detective assigned to solve this mystery. Join in on this historical adventure as you discover the identity of the world's most famous serial killer!

Ancient Pyramid (PG)

In 1996, a small team of explorers entered the Great Pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt in hopes of discovering a legendary sarcophagus. None have returned and their bodies were never found. Could the curse of the pharaoh really exist? 2 decades later, you and your team decided to enter the same complex and uncover the secrets of the king’s tomb. However, mysterious forces have led you astray and you can’t find a way out. Will you be trapped here forever? Or will you triumph over the curse and make your way to safety?

Medieval Prison (PG)

You are a peasant living in the 14th century wrongly convicted of treason. Your sentence is death by hanging, and you are now spending the remaining time of your life imprisoned in the castle’s dungeon. In one hour, the jail warden will come and bring you to the gallows. However, the previous prisoner in your jail cell seems to have left you a clue, which gave you a glimmer of hope to live. Will you suffer a painful, undeserving death, or will you break out of this prison?

Death Note
Death Note (PG)

Criminals around the world are dying of inexplicable heart attacks. This cannot be a mere coincidence, and the faceless mass murderer became known as “Kira”. The world famous detective L has sent you, an accomplished FBI agent, to Japan to assist in the investigation. Your mission is to infiltrate the room of Light Yagami, a high school student and a prime suspect. However you were ambushed and locked inside. Complete your mission by discovering Kira’s secrets is the only way to defeat Kira before he can kill you!

Aunt Elisa's Inheritance
Aunt Elisa's Inheritance (PG)
2-6 players - 60 MINUTES

Your nasty cousins are shipping your zany Aunt Elisa off to a nursing home. Being her favourite relatives you’re there to bring her some of her most beloved belongings and discover she has left you clues on where she has hidden your inheritance before her loathsome kids get it!

Contaminated Hospital
Contaminated Hospital (14A)

You arrived at a remote island to spend a relaxing weekend away from the city. On the island, you came across an abandoned hospital, where top-secret biological experiments seems to have taken place, and something has gone horribly wrong. Just as you are about to leave, the door mysteriously shut, and you are trapped inside. Is something lurking in the darkness? What on earth has happened here? Revealing the truth behind the buried past is the only way to freedom!